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Ladies and gentlemen. This is DJ NAVEED!

just a quick i made fort id try somthing new would be great to have feedback and thnx for listerning

If you seek high energy tracks of several dance genres, featuring but not limited to the hottest tracks of 2011, look no further...

mixed by Dj Labrijn

Size: 64:53 Mb.

Mixed by Dj labrijn

Size: 77:33 Mb.

Driving Trance Tunes All The Way!!!!

Size: 22:52 Mb.

This is a crazy ass blend of some older track i.e 2008 that I never got around to blending proppa-ly as well as some very old stuff i.e vinyl (that stuff is not on the track listing) and some newer disco funk stuff. It all comes together very similarly as the previous episode, so you should be diggn it no doubt

hey guys.. heres a megamix i just did... 16:13 in length... its my first megamix ever, so please comment, and let me know what u think... peace