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Neelix and Parov Stelar

'ard as fuck drums and some jungletek!

funky / deep house

All RnB music in clubing Enjoy my tracks

Christian Lugo - Octubre 08', Guatemala

Contains several of the tracks I'm throwin down at the Tribal Vibes club events.  Tribal House, Tribal Techno, and UK Funky!!!

Free Party Hard Trance mainly Homegrown!

Sun Sound Platinum III is a beautiful blend between liquid intelligent and bight, bright, and trancy drum & bass guaranteed to please. The tracks in this selection date back as far as 2007, yet still immerge profound amongst tracks collected only a couple days before the mix which was spun May 2010. All of the tracks selected for the mix were handpicked for their ability to invoke feelings and memories of summer. Many of the tracks in this mix are reminiscent of sun sound platinum I and II yet

15 Min Demo From May 09..........Needed to throw something quick for a promoter last min......its alright weak on the levels tho........