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mixed by Dj Labrijn & Dj Thorgrimm - Hard psy mix

Size: 77:9 Mb.

BeatSlayer In The Mix - 2011-10-26 Mixset

DJ Hektek "1994 Hip Hop, Rap Classics Mixtape Vol.1" features Bronx, NY DJ Hektek on the turntables playing a blend of Hip-Hop, Rap music classics from 1994. Brief intro and drops no talking on this digital mix.

Due to many requests to hear this set and due to the actual recording ending up sounding like shit due to output issues so here is a re-recording of it without the problems.  Thanks for all the support! -MM

01. Rock It - SubFocus
02. My World - Noisia ft. Giovanca
03. Machete - Hazard
04. Warning (Distorted Minds Remix) - The Scratch Perverts
05. The Big Rush - Camo & Krooked vs Body & Soul
06. Vandals - Dirtyphonics
07. Ma

The rachy classic was the first for the ladies, a bumpy house mix that got the ladies movin in Montreal.

Something To Vibe To

Yo! Cat! It's LeDouche here... remember me... ya you do. You were up on the speaker beside the booth during my set at my residence. I know what you like and I made this just a tad dirty and chunky for you... just like me! There's some Guetta in the back end, just how you like it right?

A selection of memorable \'80s songs.