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Tribal house fused with R&B, latin, and old school house.

The best of 2008...well maybe not the best, but some of MY favorites. This was supposed to be released at the EPIC party held on December 31, 2008 in Austin, TX. However, due to printing issues, the mix never got released, and ultimately got lost. Sadly it was found. Hope you enjoy. 50 of my favorite tracks from 2008. MMIX, the best of 2009 will be released at the end of the year. 

Your invited to a super filthy robot gangbang - dont forget to bring a towel!


some sick beats! lol

3hr live set of deep prog and tribal house


Live set on Halloween weekend

This is a party mix i made back in the summer of 2001. More party tracks and such,This Mix was alot of fun to make.. Enjoy! =]

Recorded events in my gigs