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Your invited to a super filthy robot gangbang - dont forget to bring a towel!

Preview to my set for MHTP X. B-more to Electro to Dubstep to Drumstep to Rn'B to Drum and Bass!!!!! It's all covered in the mix.

Mix that was planned to be my 2000-12 mix but somehow became a lot long with a lot more Dubstep in it then planned. It takes you from Drumstep, DnB, and Jungle, to Dubstep, and then some Hard Electro to Help finish it off.

It's A little sweet - A little sour.
This mix will leave a nice taste in your mouth and a tingling sensation in your ears :)
For an appetizer: some filthy dubstep
Your main course: laidback DnB
And something a little sweet for dessert.

Halloween Podcast

This Weeks Installment Of Friday Funkadelic We Bring You Music New Music From Andre Comm,Mowgli As Well As Some Classic Faves Of Mine,And A Special Thanks To Everyone that Visits The Chatroom During The Show,I Always Love To See The Chatroom Audience Talk And Chat,And Ask For Track Id.s,Special Shout Out To My CHFM Family!!

Heres Is Last Weeks Installment Of The Show,New Tracks Ans Some Classic Special Suprises That Meaning To My Love For House Music,Download Dance And Enjoy :)

short mixed preveiw of my sets for Dub revolution and Luvstep.

For the hip shakers, booty bouncers, and stompers. Ain't no shuffling allowed.

preview to Thug steppa 3 some tracks will be remove and plenty more added for the Full hour studio mix.

Get down to the harder styles of music with this energetic mix that takes you from the happiest of the hardcore to the darkest of the hardstyle.

Sit back , Relax and enjoy the hard bangin bass!!

Heres another exclusive mix for Dj Kadabras show Called The House Hookup. You can find the show here,along with a 20 minute interview,this mix was alot of fun to make,and will definetly get you movin! Interview here download and enjoy!

When you think you know what's coming next I change the genre.

Size: 60:24 Mb.

Size: 61:35 Mb.

Lacking on sleep so I did a mix.

Size: 58:28 Mb.


Size: 62:05 Mb.


Size: 56:52 Mb.

Top 40 twisted, remixed, edited and mixed to make top 40 a lot more interesting. From dubstep to hip hop and far beyond.

A very special Friday Funkadelic with producer,vocalist and one of my best homies,JAMON from Austin Texas tune in and listen to some of his new cuts along with a tag set with me and him on the Vocals,this was a great show! ENJOY!

Size: 120:32 Mb.

Twisting top 40 with all types of genres like electro and dubstep....trying to introduce new styles of music to new ears.

My set from MHTP 11 extended with a teaser for my set at Inzombiac in Austin TX. on Dec. 22 2012

Size: 105:40 Mb.